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Specifications of the mattresses

With all these mattresses and their specifications, the choice can get confusing at times. However, will not rest until you find the right matters for yourself. Here is a list of some of our top picks:


The comfort layer underneath is made of natural Dunlop latex with an ILD of 18-22 accredited by OEKO-Tex, resulting in a medium-firm feel that is ideal for a large range of customers. It provides the body with instant sensitive, contouring comfort, but with a touch of firmness (this is not the mattress for those who want a plush, sinking feeling). In addition, if you and your wife have radically different sleep preferences, you can prefer a half-and-a-half merger between two separate mattresses-few mattress. Manufactures give this kind of freedom at such a reasonable price point. The commodity has very sluggish heat dissipation, lacklustre edge support and mild off-gasing problems on the flip side. In comparison, after being pushed on, the thin cover appears to pile up, but can be straightened up again quickly.


A bamboo knit EuroTop cover on top is used for the Ultimate Drcloom mattress, which ensures maximum softness and breathability. This is accompanied by a sheet of 3 inches of Talalay rubber, so that the mattress moulds quickly and quickly to the body shape. The base consists of 2 lb./cu.ft. (8 inches). HD polyfoam, which provides the whole body with vital overall protection while also partly enhancing bounciness. Depending on the model, the device comes with an extended warranty of 10-20 years, as well as a 90-day free. At the time of order, you can still opt to change the firmness: if you do, you are approached by a business rep who asks you a lot of questions. If the amount of firmness you get is not acceptable for any reason, you can trade in your purchase for a model of different firmness.


The Zilayla is more of a niche mattress in that it uses a distinctive copper-soaked memory foam support sheet that optimises ventilation according to the manufacturer and facilitates pain relief by enhancing blood flow. For this reason, arthritis, a condition which contributes to hip pain, is prescribed for patients.

What makes it even more special is that it is dual sided: a 3" copper infused memory foam layer is the 'sensitive' side, while a 1" copper infused memory foam layer is the 'firm' side. A 6 " complicated foam sheet is in the middle, with the egg crate formations facing the 'soft' side to intensify the falling, embracing feeling.

So, what are you waiting for? With the numerous lists that Simplyrest has created for you, you can pin point your preferences, find the specifications, and order your new mattress today. Happy hunting!