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Mattress buying tips – must check

There are many questions that cross your mind while buying a mattress. The most common question is how to know that you need to replace your mattress? Imagine you have a washing machine, when will you replace it? When it stops working or starts breaking down. Similarly, you buy a mattress to sleep comfortably. You replace it when you don’t get the same comfort. There won’t be a physical sign to replace your mattress. You have to check if you feel pressure on your back, you have shoulder ache when you wake up and more. If your mattress is not providing support to any of these body parts, then it is a sign that you need to replace your mattress. There are few questions that you can ask yourself. Is your mattress more than eight years old? Are you waking up with neck, hip, shoulder or back pain? Can you see any visible sign of sagging on your mattress? Can you see bumps or do you often experience dead legs when you wake up? When you visit to your friends or family, do you feel that their mattress is more comfortable than your mattress? If your answer is yes, to any of the above questions, then you immediately need to replace your mattress.

The quality of a mattress depends on the quality of the material used in its manufacturing. Experts claim that you need to replace your mattress after every seven years. Even if your warranty is of eight years or more. You should know that a warranty of mattress doesn’t guarantee that the mattress will give you support and comfort. Warranty is the protection against any damage in the quality of the mattress. It doesn’t mean that it will provide you the adequate support throughout the life of the mattress. If your mattress is worn out, it will not give adequate support to your back, neck and hips. You will wake up in distress. If you are not sleeping on a proper mattress, it can also lead to spinal problems. Next is to determine the right size of the mattress. This means that the size of your bed should match the size of your mattress. For this, you should measure the size of your bed before buying a mattress. You should know the space in your room and choose your mattress accordingly. If you live alone and like to enjoy your personal space then you can buy a single bed mattress. People who live with their Partners are advised to buy a king sized mattress. In a king sized mattress, you both can enjoy your space. If you buy a double bed mattress for a couple, it will not be comfortable. As when you roll to other side, your partner will know your movement. This can disturb the sleep of both the people. A king memory foam mattress will work wonders if you sleep on your back and with your partner. With a king size mattress there is enough space for both you and your partner.