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It’s time for the main event

 In one corner, we have the old guard the innerspring mattress and in the other corner, we have the new Challenger the memory foam mattress.  Now, which one should you get? Well, we want to talk about just that today. We want to talk about what an innerspring mattress is and what a memory foam mattress is. Following are the best cool mattress and also the quality mattresses.

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses are one of the oldest types of mattresses as they date back as far as 1871 and we like to think that our grandparents or even our great grandparents were sleeping under spring mattress, maybe even Jesse James the famed outlaw but people even sleep on them today. It's still a very popular type of mattress, but what exactly is an innerspring mattress? Well, we cut open the side of one mattress to tell you exactly what's inside an innerspring mattress, and that is going to be a coil system.

Types of coil systems

 There are many different types of coil systems, like pocketed coils individually wrapped coils other types but overall, it's the same idea and that is when you press into the mattress like a spring that compresses and then it bounces back. So, they're known for being very supportive and also very bouncy. So, what exactly is memory foam? Now Memory Foam was created in 1966 by Charles Yost as a NASA project. It was used in spacecraft. So, during takeoff, you see in old movies like Moonraker people's faces shake like that right well to help comfort astronauts during that process. They used memory foam but since it has also been used for pillows for car seats and lastly the memory foam mattresses. So, the mattress here this top layer is going to be classic memory foam and again to the specific feel and a little bit but for now, you can kind of see it has that slow-moving feel slow to respond. It's very good pressure relief, very comfortable, and also very good with contouring as well. So, what are the differences between innerspring and memory foam? Well, first off there are filled differences is with innerspring you sleep more on top of the mattress. It's very responsive and has a little bit of bounce as well. However, with memory foam, you slowly sinking the mattress going to have more of that quicksand feel when you're going to sleep in the mattress versus sleeping on top of the innerspring mattress. As we mentioned above are going to be some differences in bounce and structure that can determine the quality of sleep which is attainable in these types of mattresses.